QuickPic comes back with an aggressive advertisement, quashed CM Cloud support and lots of bugs. The Gallery app now is not able to play videos and I have to export all my backed. As CM cloud backup will be removed prior to July 15, 2019. Nothing seemed so good about QuickPic, so it’s time to move on. And, here are top alternatives for QuickPic Gallery App.

All these alternatives apps don’t require an Internet connection and neither they ask you to sign in. So, privacy is a done deal. Also, these apps have zero to minimal ads. Unlike the recent QuickPic app, all of them can also play MP4 videos.

Best QuickPic Alternatives For Android

1. QuickPic Revived

Before Cheetah Mobile took over QuickPic, it was small, fast, and free Gallery app. And if you are someone who can’t live without QuickPic, I’ll recommend you check out the QuickPic v4.5.2. It’s the last version before Cheetah bought it.

However, there is a bargain in using this version. Of all the features, the cloud services and cloud backup doesn’t work. Since the API is being used by the current version, it leads to an API error for the previous one.

Having said that, you can still use it to manage offline media. The WiFi Transfer works well and so does the other basic features like Slideshow, Moments, Photo Search, etc. In case you don’t want to switch to any other gallery app, this one seems to be a good fallback option.

2. Camera Roll

Camera Roll is an open-source Gallery app build around Google Photos design. So, the Gallery Interface of the app is similar to Google Photos. Apart from that, it uses most of the Google APIs for smooth scrolling and display of thumbnails.

My favorite feature of the apps is the support for RAW photos like DNG, CR2, etc. It can not only display RAW photos but can also edit it. It does save it back in .png. I really liked the inbuilt video player which switches to PIP (picture-in-picture) mode as soon as you exit the application.

Camera Roll does display Images on external devices but I couldn’t find the option to copy or move media to external storage. The inbuilt File Explorer is a neat little option but does not display media previews. The app allows you to view Hidden folders but you cannot password protect them.

Where it excels

Support all image format including RAW.

  • Supports SD card or external storage media.
  • Videos in Picture-in-Picture.
  • Inbuilt Video Player.

Where it fell short

Lack of cloud services and Google Photos or Dropbox Integration.

  • The thumbnail display is the 8-bit Color max which is far less.
  • No password protection for hidden folders.
  • Lack of Recycle Bin.

3. LeafPic

LeafPic is another open source alternative for QuickPic. However, this is more like a minimal scaled down version. The UI is similar but you have comparatively few features. It is for a user with limited requirements.

LeafPic allows you to force rotate the screen even when the auto-rotate is off. This turns out to be an extremely helpful feature as I can watch the Photos in Landscape mode. You can also set up hidden folders and password protect them. It only provides PIN support and you don’t get to use a pattern or your fingerprint. LeafPic also has its inbuilt Video player which can play MP4 formats. Additionally, it also supports RAW images and you can even edit and save them. I tried editing DNG and CR2 images and the editor was able to handle them without any lag.

Overall, LeafPic is a light-weight alternative for QuickPic but it won’t appeal to the power users. You get all the basic options apart from the cloud services.

Where it excels

Password protect hidden files

  • Force rotate
  • Supports RAW Images
  • Inbuilt Video Player.

Where it fell short

No Cloud services

  • No slideshow option
  • Lack of Recycle bin.

4. Simple Gallery Pro

Simple Gallery Pro is an extremely popular open-source Gallery app for Android. The UI resembles QuickPic pro and most of the controls are same. You get the Sort and Search option at the top-right corner. The Images are placed in grids in columns which can be increased or decreased with the pinch-to-zoom gesture.

Similarly like QuickPic, you have the popular Slideshow option which helps to view all the photos in a folder. Simple Gallery Pro allows you to hide folders and then Password protect them. You can also choose to have a Pattern or Fingerprint instead of the password. My favorite feature would be the recycle bin which works like app. If I accidentally delete a photo or multiple photos, I can always go back to the Recycle bin to restore it.

Simple Gallery Pro could be the ideal replacement for QuickPic but it misses out on the cloud services. You cannot attach your Google Photos or DropBox media.

Where it excels

No Ads.

  • Password protect hidden folders.
  • Inbuilt editor and media playback.
  • Supports RAW files & GIF.
  • Slideshow

Where it fell short

Lack of Google Photos/Dropbox integration.

5. Memoria

In contrary to QuickPic and all the other gallery apps, Memoria has a modern UI design. It recently had a makeover and functions looks much like Google Photos. The pinch-to-zoom in gesture lets you increase or decrease the grid size. You can swipe left or right to toggle between “My Photos”, “My Albums” and “My Favourites”.

Talking about Favourites, to quickly add a photo to your favorites, tap the heart icon on the image and it gets added to the list. Memoria displays Images based on Date but you can change that to Name or Size according to your preference. Recently, it introduced Recycle bin within the gallery. The Recycle bin stores your Image up to 30 days by default. However, that can be changed in the Settings menu. The app has highly active development support and should have cloud service and Google Photos integrations soon.

Memoria is quite fluid when it comes to dealing with JPEGs and PNGs. But, it fails miserably while handling large JPEGs or RAW images. You cannot even zoom in to the Image. There are times when I found a slight bit of delay while loading the images. Moreover, it features subtle ads which can be removed by purchasing the pro version at $1.5.

Where it excels

Bookmark Images.

  • Recycle Bin.
  • Modern UI and gestures.
  • Inbuilt Video Player.

Where it fell short

Cannot edit RAW images.

  • Lack of Google Photos Integration.
  • Slideshow.

6. F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop is a fairly powerful alternative for QuickPic. Including the premium variant, it provides an insane amount of features like attaching metadata to images, cloud services, Google Photos integration, etc. The UI is similar to the QuickPic card layout style. You get all the quick actions on the top right corner.

When you open an image, it’s stacked up at the top. And on the bottom, you get the rest of the images in smaller grids. You can quickly switch between the images by tapping on them. Apart from these, it has an inbuilt video player which can handle MP4 videos. You can also customize the gestures of the media player like swipe gesture length, swipe actions, etc. F-Stop also produces a slideshow of the folders. The native search option is extremely powerful and you can append searches using Boolean Operators.

F-Stop is a full-fledged alternative for QuickPic but most of the features are premium. The folder categorization is awesome but it is kind of unintuitive. I would have loved it if it was accessible within a single touch.

Where it excels

Image Bookmarking

  • Meta Data Tagging
  • Cloud services
  • Swipe gestures
  • Slideshow

Where it fell short


7. Piktures

Piktures comes with the full-feature of gesture. Impressively, Piktures can efficiently manage and organize your gallery. The UI is different from all the apps in this list. You get a Parallax effect at the top with an Image preview. The folders are stacked on the left side drawer which you can pull with a left swipe. The app is quite fluid and you can swipe past menus with the gestures. At the start, I didn’t like the UI much but with further usage, it keeps growing on you.

You can also attach your Google Drive, One Drive or DropBox account with Piktures. It lets you manage media on cloud services. For privacy, you can move your media to a secret drive inbuilt in the Gallery App. It password protects and encrypts the secret drive so even third-party media cannot access it. The secret drive stays on the local device so it is fair to see it’s secure. It also has an inbuilt Bar Code scanner which can be accessed by clicking on the floating button at the bottom-right.

Piktures is the ideal QuickPic replacement with free Google Drive and Dropbox Integration. The only thing that bugged me is it cannot manage RAW images. It was quite surprising as I expected it to be a fairly simple feature.

Where it excels

Cloud services.

  • Fluid and Intuitive UI.
  • Secret encrypted drive.
  • Google Drive/Dropbox Integration.

Where it fell short


8. Google Photos

Google Photos is entirely different from QuickPic. But, the amount of utilities and features it offers is amazing. It can automatically categorize your photos based on location, face, type, etc. The categorization and Image search is just brilliant. It also makes animated collages for you based on daily activity. I find these short videos and animations lively and is kind of a summary of my trips. I have been posting them often on Instagram.

Apart from the usual things, we have tons of new features being added to Google Photos. Recently, they started supporting Motion Photos from other camera applications like Samsung Motion Pictures. It not only plays them but also tries to stabilize and modify those images. The Google Lens which comes with Google Photos is a neat feature which helps to scan or quickly Google the product. In Addition to all of these, you also get PhotoScan. It can transform your old documents or pictures into digital and I have to say the results are astonishing.


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