From time, Different smartphone OEMs have been looking for the best way to slim down bezels and provide users with a full view visual experience. So far, various iterations of the notch have been the way to go for most high-end phone, budget phones and everything in between.

The problem with the notch is, its easily noticeable and distracting for users sometimes. Most smartphone OEMs believe the notch is just a stepping stone to the real dream of a display with no intrusions at all.

One of notch alternatives OEMs came up with was a mechanical pop up camera, which got the job done. It produced a totally bezels less display and arguable some of the most beautiful phones we have seen so far. But these solutions all have reliability issues especially for Nigerian Users.


The appearance of the “dot-in has given TECNO another alternative in the race to slim down phone bezels. This new trendy option is the best way until further replaced by a better technology.

Dot- In is more elegant and less noticeable compared to the notch, it’s easier to implement and use as opposed mechanical pop up alternatives.


Going by the trends, TECNO hopes to connect with you Loyal Tfans with the amazing wall papers on the Camon 12 Air, this is how to participate:

  1. Download The Camon 12 Air Wallpapers
  2. Set the image as the wallpaper on your Camon 12 air and upload as a comment under this thread.
  3. Entry with the highest number of likes and comments stand a chance to win a brand new Camon 12 air
  4. There are other Exciting branded gift items to be won.


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