1. To install Play Store apps in your jio phone,you need to open the menu in your jio phone.
  2. In menu section, you will get the pre loaded browser app so you need to click on that browser app to open it.
  3. Now after your browser has been opened type google.com in the address bar of your browser.
  4. After Google has been loaded, you need to search Play Store in Google.
  5. The first result would be the official play store website from where you can download and install several Play Store applicationsthat are supported by your jio phone.
  6. So click on the first result of official play store website to go to the play store in your jio phone.
  7. When Play Store has been completely loaded in your jio phone, tap on the search bar and type any of the App name, you want to install a new jio phone.
  8. When that app will be showing in the search result, click on that specific app to open it.
  9. Now like any of the other Android device, you will get option to install the app in your jio phone.
  10. And if the installation button is not coming, that means the app is not supported by your jio phone.
  11. But maximum of the apps will be supported and you will get the install button in the Play Store of your jio phone.
  12. So now click on the install button and you will see that the app will start installing in your jio phone.
  13. After that download of the app is completed you will see an app icon is loaded in your jio phone menu bar.
  14. That icon is of the same app you have downloaded from Playstore in your jio phone.
  15. Now you can click on that icon to open the app and enjoy the app in your jio phone

So using this simple trick you can download and install any of the Play Store application in your jio phone.


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