Ring4 is an app that allows you to get a phone number in 7 countries according to your needs (France, Netherlands, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium and Austria).

For example, you may have an extra number for your work and why not call on an English or American number if your customers are in those countries.  Are you expatriates?  Reassure your interlocutors with a number from the 7 countries mentioned above!  You can receive calls, SMS and send of course.  Communications are via VoIP and works in WiFi and 3 / 4G.  It is possible to accumulate several mobile numbers, call in more than 40 countries, have a voice mailbox, etc.  As if you had a second SIM on your device.

Ring4 looks like a basic phone application with a contact list, a keypad, and so on.  Pricing works in the form of credit.  10 credits cost $ 1.19, 40 for $ 4.25, 100 for $ 10 and 250 for $ 24.2.  After registering via a Facebook or Google account, spend your credits as you see fit.  Adding a number costs 10 credits, outgoing calls cost 5 credits and you will need to spend 1 credit for an SMS.  Note that incoming calls and text messages are free.  It is even possible to recover credits by watching advertisements.  A good plan B if you do not have a dual SIM mobile.


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