Right into this post, we will be discussing the method related to the tutorial on how you can install the Playstore in the Jio Phone F90M! As soon as the Jio Phone was launched, the first question that hit the minds is about the installation of the Jio Phone F90M in the android devices. So stop wasting time and lets discuss the step by step tutorial:

Tutorial On How to Install / Download Playstore Apps in Jio Phone:

  1. You should first of all be installing the install play Store apps in your jio phone, as you need to open the menu in your jio phone.
  2. In the main menu section, you will be getting together with the preloaded browser app so you on the whole need to click on that browser app to open it.
  3. As you will be browsing on, you will be typing google.com straight away into an address bar over the browser.
  4. As soon as Google gets loaded, you will be searching for the Play StoreGoogle.
  5. Now you will be going to download and install several Play Store applications that are supported by your jio phone.
  6. Now you have to click the Jio phone into the Google play store platform.
  7. You will be tapping on the top of the search bar and then you will be going to type any of the App names, and you want to install a new jio phone.
  8. As the app will start to show on the search results, you will be going to click on that specific app to open it.
  9. As similar to any kind of the Android devices, you will be getting the option in order to install the app over your jio phone.
  10. If in case the installation button option is not coming over, then it means that the app is not supported by your jio phone.
  11. There is a maximum of the apps that will be supported much and hence you will be getting to the option of install button in the Play Store of your jio phone.
  12. Now you have to click on the install button and you will see that the app will start installing in your jio phone.
  13. As the downloading is all finishing, you will be viewing the app icon is loaded in your jio phone menu bar.
  14. Now you have to click on that icon to open up the app and you can enjoy the app at the best.


You can also follow up with this method if you want to go to the app in the Play store section, and somehow hence you will get an update button on the app page. You have to simply click on the update button and then your App will be updated. Plus you can use the latest version of the app in your jio phone.  You would be finding the whole method so simple and easy to do right away.

So what are you waiting for? Try to install your favorite apps from play store in your jio phone by using this small trick. Check out right now!



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